Interviews, Etc.

“I think it’s safe to say we don’t actually know where poems come from. If we did, we would likely plunder the place, because we’re basically just clever monkeys.”  -Where Poems Come From

“Wislawa Szymborska and Zbigniew Herbert would roost in the tree, with dark jackets, glinting eyes and the intelligence of crows. . . Whitman would be photosynthesis itself, transforming sunlight into food.” -Memorious

“I look to literature to take me places I can’t go in a car.” -The 22

“Well, in a sense we only exist in the minds of others. Images on their retinas, these words in your mind. I could be a cyborg, or an ape.” -The Rumpus

“When I’m writing and I follow a poem into the woods, I have only its tracks.” -Beloit Poetry Journal

“Time is brutal. It remakes us. The person I am today is literally, on a cellular level, a different person made of different compounds than the man I used to be. Yet the brain remembers those different bodies & selves and the sadness and beauty they experienced…” -MinnPost (Michael Bazzett Gets Schooled By The Greats)

“The room would be constructed solely of mirrors and bookcases.”  -The Carleton Voice

“I considered having clever words tattooed along my forearm, in a spare sans-serif font, so that they would creep from beneath my sleeve as I stared pensively out the window.” -The Loft