“Look, it’s not that I believe in him. Nor he / in me.” – God (32 Poems)

“This is how we knew she had already died at least once.” – The Dead Woman (Guernica)

“I am both verb and ocean…”   – The Taxidermist & The Cloud  (Copper Nickel)

If we had built / our buildings / as ruins, / it would have saved us / so much time” – Inside the Trojan Horse (Copper Nickel) 

“I could almost see the bored centurions / craving a drink.”  – I Had a Little Trouble Believing in God  (Redivider)

“How would you like to be a zero…” – Binary  (Green Mountains Review)

“I stood to pour myself a glass of something strong…”  – In the Book  (Virginia Quarterly Review)

“The smile of a boy flitted across his face…” – The Date  (Blackbird)

“I’d rather not mention the resemblance to prostitution…” – Oil and Ash  (Guernica)

“I went to the doctor and found out / there is an empty city inside me.”  – The Empty City  (Guernica)

“Boys were hunched in the bluish shadows, worrying a scorpion with a stick.” – The Epidemic  (Thrush Poetry)

“The smell of frying food hangs in the air for hours…”  – Report From Beyond (The Literary Review)

“The sound a bluejay makes, if it were a color, would not be blue.  – Nine Possible Observations to Consider  (Booth)